While contests are not the focus of this event, everyone can use a healthy dose of competition. Our contests will offer people of all levels to push themselves and have fun showing off. 


Strictly Balboa

In classic strictly fashion, you enter this competition with a partner. Couples will be judged on skill, performance, engagement with the audience, and how much they throw down. There will be real judges and real prizes (coming soon).

Balboa Mix and Match

Enter this partner solo and get randomly paired with a partner. We will rotate three times so that each contestant dances with three different partners in the pre-lims. Contestants will be randomly paired with a single partner for the finals.

This competition is open to dancers of all levels, but you must do Balboa. Judges and prizes coming soon. 


Spirit of Mobtown Balboa Edition

Formally known as the "Michael A. Seguin Semi-Annual Balboa Championships," this competition is meant to uphold Mobtown's longstanding tradition of giving dancers of all levels and style the opportunity to compete, and to not taking anything too seriously. This competition will be free, open to anyone, and judged purely on showmanship. While you do need to do Balboa, you are free to dress up, add your own flare, and put on a show.